SVN Commercial Partners completed the following deals


SWFL Mold & Construction Services, LLC: 1,250sf industrial flex condo at 17030 Alico Commerce Court, #306, Fort Myers, from C & S Land Holdings for $365,000. (Corrie Gates represented the seller, Joey Guilino and Bryan Myers represented the buyer.)

Silver City Properties Enterprises, LLC: 0.23-acre commercial land at 1337 Skyline Bld., Cape Coral. (Joey Gulino represented the buyer, and Kurt Melzer, Select Realty Associates, Inc., represented the seller.)

FGS 3333 Naples, LLC: 7,627sf retail plaza in Vanderbilt Galleria from Pastoor Properties of Collier County for S3 million. (Patty McClimans represented the seller.)

Keltour USA: 14,000sf warehouse from TL Fliss Real Estate. (Lauri Albion and Tiffany Luongo represented the seller, and Tiffany Luongo also represented the buyer.)


La Mora, LLC: 3,300sf industrial flex at 28280 Old 41 Road, Unit MS, Bonita Springs, from High Road Holdings, LLC. (Benjamin Myers represented the lessor, Jessica Russo, Development Realty, LLC, represented the lessee.)

All Mental, Inc.: 1,100sf medical office at 17595 Tamiami Trail from Alico Lake Commons. (Fuje Ara and Saira Marin represented the landlord and tenant, Corrie Gates represented the landlord.)

Tom Trovato Event Floral & Design, LLC: 13,778sf industrial flex at 4110 Enterprise Ave. from Venture One Real Estate, LLC. (Corrie Gates)

The Hague Construction, LLC: 3425 Clock Tower from JCPI Holdings, LLC. (Patty McClimans)

Bender’s Fab, LLC: 1,250sf industrial flex at 17030 Alico Commerce Court, #305, Fort Myers, from Emerald Green Property Services, LL.C. (Corrie Gates)

Kava Culture: 1,215sf at Merchant Crossing at 15201 N. Cleveland Ave., North Fort Myers, from RB Merchants, LLC. (Bryan J. Myers and Joey Gulino represented the lessee, Dannielle Robinson, and Fabienne Porter represented the lessor.)

Tropic DJs: 305sf office at 1617 Hendry St., Unit 214, Fort Myers, from 1617 Hendry, LLC. ( Donna Marrero Zaldivar and Bryan J. Myers 

The Shave Parlor, LLC: 900sf retail at 1341 Del Prado Blvd. S. from International Support, Inc. (Corrie Gates and Donna Zaldivar)

J. Fairbanks, Esq. P.A.385sf office at 1617 Hendry St., Unit 211, Fort Myers, from 1617 Hendry, LLC. (Donna Marrero Zaldivar and Bryan J Myers)

Kozak Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, LLC: 1,550sf industrial at 3425 Radio Road, Naples, from JCPI Holdings, LLC. (Patty McClimans represented the lessor.)

All Stylez Salon, LLC: 1,532sf retail at 9108 Bonita Beach Road, Bonita Springs, from Wynn Properties, Inc. (Donna Marrero Zaldivar and Tiffany Luongo represented the tenant.)

Deep Creek Discount Convenience: 2,190sf retail at 24901 Sandhill Blvd., Punta Gorda, from Karimovs Properties, LLC. (Margeaux McCarthy)

Unity Flooring & Interiors: 3,727sf industrial at 13750 Trecline Ave. S., Units 2 & 3, Fort Myers, from Shanahan Enterprises of FL, LLC.  (Donna Marrero Zaldivar and Bryan J Myers represented the lessee.)