ordinance Jan. 2 amending City Code Chapter 102 Sections 102-123, 102-124 and 102-125. The amendments include minor updates to definitions, removal of outdated definitions and updating code references to match the latest version of the Florida Building Code, which has been reviewed by the City Attorney’s office.

The state first mandated statewide building codes during the 1970s, in which the first law required all municipalities and counties to adopt and enforce one of the four state-recognized model codes known as state minimum building codes. A study following a series of natural disasters in the 90s revealed that building code adoption and enforcement were inconsistent throughout the state, and the local codes thought to be the strongest proved inadequate when tested by major hurricane events.

As of March 1, 2002, the Florida Building Code, which is developed and maintained by the Florida Building Commission, supersedes all local building codes.