TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV/Gray Florida Capital Bureau) – Highways across Florida are getting more crowded as the state continues to see record growth. Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill Wednesday that puts billions of dollars toward highway improvements to ease congestion.

“We are very much committed to relieving congestion on our streets,” DeSantis said in a press conference Wednesday.

But that relief is coming at a price: $68 billion over five years. Governor DeSantis signed a bill during a news conference in Polk City Wednesday implementing the Moving Florida Forward program. The program accelerates 20 road projects statewide years ahead of schedule.

“These have been problem areas and what, you’re not just going to have any project even start for another 10 or 15 years? That’s not going to do the trick,” DeSantis said.

These are projects trucking companies said are desperately needed.

“Partially in the last four years, we have seen I-4 transit times dramatically increase causing a substantial loss in productivity and efficiency,” Jeremy Barnes, Sabal Transport operations manager, said.

And that’s driving prices for everyone up.

“These deficiencies result in increased cost to the shippers which ultimately trickle down to the consumer when they purchase the goods on the trucks,” Barnes said.

All 20 projects are expected to begin over the next five years.

“Some of these projects are going to be started and/or completed 10 to 20 years ahead of schedule,” the governor said.

FDOT said it will continue with other projects outside of the Moving Florida Forward program. You can find details on the 20 projects here.