Talisha is known for her exceptional work in the commercial real estate industry, commitment to the
community, and expertise in lending from her years in financial services. Talisha has built her reputation
as a trusted advisor and community advocate. She serves on the Board of Directors for Our Mother’s
Home, a local non-profit that provides a safe and nurturing environment for young moms in foster care
and their babies and also has been a “Dress for Success” speaker and mentor for many women. Talisha
thrives on entrepreneurship and enjoys serving on the Junior Achievement Hall of Fame advisory board,
loves being a Rotarian, and most recently was a recipient of the prestigious Woman of Distinction
award for her acts of kindness throughout the years. Talisha understands that her role is to take a hand
as she climbs up the ladder and show others that, regardless of your circumstances, you can create your
own room for others to learn and thrive in.

Who influenced you the most?
“Frenchy,” my father, has been a constant source of
inspiration and love. With only an 8th-grade education
and the challenges of being a teenage father, he defied
the odds and became a pillar of strength. Not only
did he prioritize his role as a father, but also made a
name for himself in our community in the construction
industry while making a difference in the community.
He showed me the power of perseverance, the value of
community, and the importance of using one’s talents
for the betterment of others.

What does women empowerment mean to you?
Encourage independence, even among young girls.
Promoting entrepreneurship, providing mentorship,
and networking help. Offer mentorship and support
to women in your personal and professional networks,
and bring your children and young minds along for the
ride! Allow them to watch your social environments and
your community efforts, and share in your knowledge,
skills, and experiences to help them navigate challenges.
Encourage inclusivity that values and respects the
contributions of women. The “Good Ole Boys” days are
over, especially in Commercial Real Estate!

How are you supporting the next generation of female leaders?
I love encouraging both men and women to
collaborate, network, and support each other in
Commercial Real Estate, where less than 30 percent
of women are in the industry. Supporting the next
generation of female leaders is a collective effort
that requires action from individuals, organizations,
communities, and society. I enjoy telling my story to
beginners that don’t know how to make an impact in
this “Man’s World” of CRE. I believe in nurturing my
relationships and being diligent with an asset as if it
were my own. Come watch!

What is the best advice you’ve received?
Careers don’t exist. Pursue your interests and embrace
the opportunities to learn about those interests.
If you do, you could quickly be the smartest in the
room and, without a doubt, the hardest worker while
having the most fun. Adaptability and hustle with a
heart and a sincere interest in the topic is where the
gold is found at the bottom of the rainbow. Say yes to
diving in and no to everything else that distracts you
from where your heart is. It’s all about the best yes,
everything else is a no.