SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) – A training camp for the stars is nestled right here on the Suncoast.

EVO Gymnastics is a breeding ground for Olympians. Every year they send athletes to the international competition, but not many locals know about the camp.

That’s because it’s not for everyone. If you can afford it, you’re welcome, but with a single day of kid’s camp ringing in at $290, EVO isn’t aiming to appeal to an everyday audience.

They’re trying to create a product fit for the entire world.

The athletes that come out of EVO follow an international model. According to Brody Malone, the sitting U.S. National Champion, other countries treat their Olympians better than we do. Their job is to compete, representing their nation on the world stage, and in return, they’re given salaries and furnished with a lifestyle befitting the role they serve in the community.

Things have always been different in the United States, but EVO is looking to change that. They pay athletes to come to Sarasota and train, bringing international talent right here to the Suncoast, where they not only help make each other great but rub off on everybody else at EVO as well, from newcomers all the way up to the coaches themselves.

Those coaches are paving the way for the athletes too. Sam Mikulak is a former Olympian. Last year he competed side-by-side with Brody Malone. Now he’s in the backseat, coaching Malone as the national champion aims to claim the world title.

Stay tuned with ABC7 for all the updates on how this Suncoast school for superstars fares in Paris this summer at Olympics 2024.